Lightworkers Way

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Experience more Love, Joy & Fulfillment in Your Life.

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Lightworkers Way for Healers

Want to take yourself deeper into your gifts and power as a healer?

The Wisdom Circle may be for you. Want to resolve the root cause of what’s not quite right? (eg. feeling unbalanced/ungrounded, experiencing inexplicable pain or a shortage of clients) Shin Dao Sessions may be for you.
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Lightworkers Way for Seekers

A gentle path for discovering Who you are and What to do with your life.

Love the power of working in a group? The Shin Dao Process for Transformation may be for you. Prefer a one-on-one journey? Shin Dao Sessions may be for you.
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Lightworkers Way for Caregivers

Learn to care for Yourself and receive assistance so that you can provide better care for others without burning out.

Love the idea of being nurtured in a group? Nurture Circles may be for you. Want one-on-one attention? Shin Dao Sessions may be for you.
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Tina Thrussell

be uplifted by her joyful enthusiasm and feel calmed  by her deep compassion

Through her brilliant blend of approaches (an uncanny ability to receive & transmit guidance and healing energies from ‘Higher Sources’; insightful wisdom; a talent for creating safe and sacred space; practical knowledge and a massive toolkit)  Tina has facilitated gentle healing and empowering transformation for thousands of people over the years. Her Medicine Name, Woman Who Dances with Light, perfectly describes this well-loved teacher and intuitive spiritual healer, who shares, “It would be my honor to serve you so that you, too, may live a more peaceful, joyful and fulfilling life.”